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      Michel Castaño

      It is often necessary to update ECUmonitor parameters settings remotely to achieve more parameter readings. Lets see how to do it remotely.

      1. Create a params configuration. There is a complete walkthrough in the manual.

      2.From Syrus Cloud , commands section Select the devices which needs the new iButton list and select “Upload File” as shown in image below:

      Next, Click on the right side textbox and choose your j1939_params file

      Once selected, Syrus cloud should create a path automatically as follow. Please refer for documentation here

      If it is not, you can change it manually. Next, click on Send Icon:

      Command puts immediately in line waiting to be sent

      Finally a green check appears indicating upload was done successfully

      Now, let’s sent commands to remote Syrus 4G so it could read the recent parameters sent. for this example let’s assume we will read J1939 at 250KHz on Primary CAN, and J1939 500KHz at secondary CAN (Real case for Hino 500 Trucks)

      apx-ecu configure PRIMARY_CAN J1939_250KHZ

      apx-ecu configure SECONDARY_CAN J1939_500KHZ


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