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      Eugenio Balam

      Updating Syrus 4G APX takes around 100 MB of data. This is a lot if you are using SIM card data so there is a way to update locally the APX without consuming Sim card data.

      Note: Ask support members to provide you APX version you need.

      Step 1.- Create a folder in your PC in which you store APX files.

      It is recommended to have a simple name and located in your root drive (C or D drive). See image below.

      Shared folder for local server

      Step 2. – Download this external software: Simple server

      Once you install it, open the software and select your shared folder created in the last step.
      Mark the checkbox called “Accessible on local network”. Thats all needed. Turn on your local server.

      Local server options

      Step 3.- Click on the local server and check the web server URLs.

      If you are using USB connection Syrus 4G – Laptop then IP shold be in the range of 192.168.9.xx
      It is important to select the rigth URL because we will use it next

      Local server IPs

      In the above image, my laptop creates a hotspot. My syrus 4G was previously configured to connect to mi laptop via WiFi. So, I will use URL:

      Step 4.- Update Syrus 4G

      Access to the Syrus 4G manager tool and go to the terminal option
      Paste the next command. It is important to modify it with your information:

      sudo apx-os-update start -f -p

      Note: Above command is valid to update from APX 22.28.1
      If you are not using that version you can use this command in the terminal of Syrus 4G to check for the update command options.

      sudo apx-os-update help

      Step 5.- Wait until update finish

      Use this command to consult for the update process:

      sudo apx-os-update status

      Once the update is finished Syrus 4G will reboot and you need to wait until it connect again to check for APX version.
      Open terminal in Syrus 4G management tool and check for APX

      APX with new version

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