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      Michel Castaño

      When using Syrus devices Trips separation is usually configured from unit’s configuration with XATT command and from Organization – Devices – Trips (Please check a forum of how to configure trip’s algorithm from Syrus  here)

      But when No-Syrus units are being used, or when it is just preferred to delegate the trips partition to Pegasus instead Syrus devices, the following method can be followed:

      1. Create a token in Pegasus. (Instructions here)

      2. Do a POST to /vehicles/:vid/remote/segment_setup

      With the following info:

      vid   Vehicle id
      method  Partition method.  Allowed values: tracker, gps, ignition
      mode  0, 1, or 2 when using tracker method, 0: uses motion | 1: uses ignition and motion | 2: uses ignition, leave null for other methods.    Allowed values: null, 0, 1, 2
      partition   Partition timeout in seconds to end segment, leave null for other methods
      distance  Distance threshold in meters to start a segment, leave null for other methods


      So, for the purpose of this blog  we should select either Ignition or gps

      Example. Make Pegasus separate trips of a vehicle by ignition:


      Content-Type  application/json
      Authenticate   72c581a30d876c77ba89be644933cxxxxxdfad60184fd394b816d60d

      "mode": null,
      "partition": null,
      "distance": null


      Remember that always you need to consult the current configuration of trip partition you can send a GET like this, specifying the device to be consulted:

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