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      Michel Castaño

      Syrus has the capability to store events in non erasable files in a similar way as a black box does. Syrus has an additional Destination Point called P18 so, any event definition pointing to a Destination Address including it, will be storing events in files to be sent to an FTP when needed.

      Logger files are stored in a circular memory where the oldest files are replaced by the newer ones.

      Let’s do a complete exercise to configure an event logger:

      1. Preparing Syrus:
      Create an script which main logger lines are as follows:

      #FTP address
      #FTP User
      #FTP Pass
      #Create folder structure
      #Event logger destination address
      #Start log with Ignition On
      ... All events being directed to DA2 are going to be stored in logs...
      ... ...
      #End log with Ignition Off

      NOTE: When Unit is online send again this command: >SXAFSFF1< It will create the needed folder structure in FTP only if it is online
      2. Consulting Event logger Files:

      To consult the event logger files currently stored in Syrus send >QXAELF< command

      It’s answer is comma separated. First number will show Total size of the stored files in bytes
      After such number, there will be a comma separated list of the stored file names.

      Example: To consult if there are any file stored in the Syrus use the following message:


      The Syrus could respond like this:


      Meaning that the total stored file size is 13125 bytes and that there are two files stored. The response could also be the error code 55 indicating that there is not files stored.

      Do not hesitate to consult the manual for further information regarding each command used here.

      3. Extracting Event logger files

      Event logger files could be extracted either to an FTP server or directly to serial port.

      To send the logs 20190417-141438-334-eventlog.log and 20190417-182534-995-eventlog.log via serial port, use this message:


      Syrus will respond like this to confirm that the logs are going to be sent to the destination point:


      NOTE: To send to FTP server instead Serial port, simply change 15 by 18

      3. Event Logger Notifications

      Event Logger sends notifications to a destination point every time a command to download files to FTP server is sent.

      They are files beggining by RXAELN and are divided as follows:


      A…: State:
      3: Sending log to the FTP server.
      4: Log was successfully sent to the FTP server. The G17 signal is momentarily true when this state is reached.
      11: Could not send log to the FTP server, because the Syrus’s FTP service is busy. Try later
      12: Could not connect to the FTP server. Try later.
      BBB…: Log name.

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