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      Eugenio Balam

      Through the accessory  Serial Port Expander we have the ability to read up to 3 Technoton sensors that use RS232 communication.


      1.- Configure the sensor according to the DCT guide available in this link: Fuel Level Sensor
      It is important to configure only the sensor, please, do not send commands to the Syrus yet.
      2.- Check the Syrus’s serial port Baud rate (It should be 115200).

      If you are not sure about the Baud Rate, you can send this command to the Syrus: >QXABR<

      If the Baud Rate is different from 115200 you can use the command >SXABR115200<

      Please, consult the Syrus Manual for more detail about the commands.

      3.- Check for the sensor and Serial Port Expander Installation (See image below).


      NOTE: Some Syrus Model (Like 1645) Uses a brown cable color for the TX signal.

      4.- Configure Syrus to communicate with the Serial port Expander:

      The next commands are specifically for 2 sensor connected to the serial Expander. If you want to add one more sensor change the second command fot this one >SXARMCDDDUUU<


      5.- Check for the correct communication between the Syrus and its accessories.

      Use the next command to check the serial expoander: >QXARM0<

      This is an example of a good answer: >RXARM01,11,11,0,11,0<

      Use the next comand to read the Technoton in the Serial port 1: >QXATFE1<

      Use the next comand to read the Technoton in the Serial port 2: >QXATFE2<

      Use the next comand to read the Technoton in the Serial port 3: >QXATFE3<

      This is an example of a good answer in the port 1:  >RXATFE11,2707,36,149<


      6.- Be sure that Syrus report the data to Pegasus:

      Add this TAG to your Extended Tag event format: FE


      Check the raw data to see the information of the sensors.

      Vehicle RawData

      7.- Make sure to configure your vehicle’s fuel parameters in Pegasus.

      Vehicle fuel parameters

      You are done!

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