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      Russell Medina

      These instructions are general for anyone who wants to (re) activate the trips mode. When the travel mode is deactivated, it usually displays a message like the one shown in the image below.




      This problem usually occurs because there was a glitch in the travel mode algorithm or simply because it has not been activated before.


      To solve this we must send the following commands:

      >SXATTI< Forces the start of the trip

      >SXATTE< Forces the end of the trip

      >SXATTU< Disable the trips mode

      >SXATT01< Enable the trips mode by ignition and motion

      The commands to be entered in the console can be seen in the image below.





      By sending these commands, we are restarting the trips mode, which will solve the problem we had before and eliminate the message that it showed us previously.

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