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      Eugenio Balam

      Sometimes we are in a zone with low cellular signal or we are limited in MB and a remote update is not possible.

      You can update Syrus Lite APX usin just a USB Cable and the APX file.

      Be sure that the PC had the correspondign driver for Syrus 4 USB port.

      1.- Create a folder in your PC and save there the APX file. This to keep it in hand and easy to locate.

      Last APX version available at the moment of create this forum is 23.51.1

      Ask support team for the recent APX file or available ones.

      2.- Connect Syrus Lite to the PC using the USB cable.

      Check device manager and be sure Syrus is being detected as a ethernet gadget adaptor.

      Ignition cable must be tied to voltage. This to prevent a hibernation scenario.

      3.- Open a power shell window.

      Go to the folder in which APX file is stored, press ALT + Rigth Click.

      Select “Open power shell window here”.

      write “ping” and press enter button. Syrus Should answer the Ping

      4.- Load APX file in Syrus memmory:

      Use this command: scp apex-lite-23.51.1 syrus4g@

      It will ask you the pass. If you do not have changed the password, it is the default one: 123456

      wait until the transfer finish

      5.- Init SSH sesion to Syrus 4G
      Use this command: ssh syrus4g@

      Write YES and put again syrus password.

      wait for the Syrus terminal message.

      6.- Update Syrus.

      Use this command: sudo apx-os-update start -f -p /data/downloads/apex-lite-23.51.1

      Use this command to ask for update process status: sudo apx-os-update status

      Syrus will reboot when finish the update

      7.- Remove APX file to free memory space.

      You can init a SSH session again or sent it by Syrus Cloud:

      rm -r /data/downloads/apex-lite-23.51.1



      Power shell process
      Reference image of the whole process.



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