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    Michel Castaño

    To send multiple commands to several vehicles, Use “Commands Interface” in Pegasus Menu:

    Select the vehicles you want the commands to be sent:

    Put the commands in the down – right box, separated by an ENTER:

    Soon the units will start to answer

    NOTE: Commands to send must be allowed in the unit’s Managed Configuration. Otherwise they will return RER04

    1. Follow the instructions to create polygon geofences in Google earth and convert them to a tmf file in this post.

    2. Make sure >SGR command is allowed in Menu -> Managed Configurations – Configuration Manager [Select Configuration]

    If it is not, add it and save the change

    3. These are the Polygonal regions obtained>

    >SGR00001+4073914-073958039999< >SGR00011+4073659-073941700099< >SGR00021+4078984-073908010099< >SGR00031+4068776-073895630199< >SGR00041+4069817-073865230399< >SGR00051+4079267-073849240299< >SGR00061+4064391-073840350499< >SGR00071+4061744-073768750699< >SGR00081+4078549-073750650599< >SGR00091+4065253-073727350799< >SGR00101+4072204-073726600999< >SGR00111+4075252-073703230899< >SGR0012U+4072929-073700611011< #Brooklyn >SGR01001+4063547-074039299999< >SGR01011+4060897-074035800099< >SGR01021+4067934-074018059999< >SGR01031+4058261-074011499999< >SGR01041+4057010-074011070399< >SGR01051+4066490-074007360200< >SGR01061+4059197-073995830103< >SGR01071+4070270-073993560299< >SGR01081+4070313-073972770799< >SGR01091+4073683-073961040899< >SGR01101+4073595-073942170999< >SGR01111+4068299-073896441099< >SGR01121+4057540-073894180499< >SGR01131+4061751-073892209999< >SGR01141+4058217-073874771213< >SGR01151+4069572-073868281199< >SGR0116U+4064164-073848901315< #Manhattan >SGR02001+4069876-074018389999< >SGR02011+4075341-074011030099< >SGR02021+4070396-074002000099< >SGR02031+4070849-073976370299< >SGR02041+4073445-073974009999< >SGR02051+4072835-073970120304< >SGR02061+4078099-073943309999< >SGR02071+4077398-073941510406< >SGR02081+4083414-073934659999< >SGR02091+4079794-073927780608< >SGR02101+4087672-073925680199< >SGR0211U+4087173-073909520810<

    4. Click on Menu -> Commands Interface, select the vehicles or Group(s) of vehicles of your interest, copy/paste the commands and click “Send” Button

    Soon Vehicles will start to receive the geofences:


    Esta es una SUPER HERRAMIENTA, me soluciona muchos, en mi caso la utilizo casi todos los días, les felicito

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