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      Often we see the need to have the vehicle’s name included in the vehicle’s forwarder.
      There’s two options for this, you can either Include Entity Info
      which adds a new object called vinfo with all the vehicle’s information (license_plate, model, color, name, etc.)
      But the other option, which is easier because it just adds another field, is to just include a key called: primary_name.

      To forward this, include that key in the keys_include array of the general config, so it looks like this:

        "keys_include": [

      the result is a new key called primary_name that is received in the JSON payload.

          "primary_name": "Continental TPMS 3",
          "vo": 4870140,
          "id": 320304066014174,
          "event_time": "2019-06-28T15:55:46+00:00",
          "io_out2_short": false,
          "lon": -8040060,
          "port": 48576,
          "pdop": 134,
          "source": 3,
          "io_exp_state": false,
          "io_out1_short": false,
          "ac": 0,
          "head": 155,

      This works for any vehicle or asset name that’s forwarding data.

      For more information on forwarding data please visit: Forwarders docs

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      • This topic was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by leo.
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