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      Russell Medina

      This forum explains the solution to the jumps in the GPS and ECU monitor distance counters in the Syrus 4.

      Jumps in the GPS counters


      jumps in the Ecu counters

      1.-For jumps in GPS odometers, the syrus 4G instance configuration must have this format in the first definition of the counters.

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>### COUNTERS
      # First time definition, once set this value can’t be modified with the same instruction
      define counters globals odometer=0 ignition_time=0 idle_time=0 over_speed=0 over_rpm=0 hard_brakes=0 harsh_fwd_acceleration=0</p>
      <p style=”text-align: left;”># Change/set thresholds settings
      set counters globals speed_threshold=80
      set counters globals begin_idle_time=15min
      set counters globals rpm_threshold=1600</p>


      2.- For jumps in the odometers of the Ecu Monitor, the profile of the monitor ecu must be in this Format.
      The value Source Address: 00 must be enabled for the fec1 parameters.

      The problem appears when there are 2 sources from which the same data arrives (within the can bus) and those data are different, so by placing 00 in those cases we force to only take the data that comes from address 00. Avoiding jumps.

      ecu counters

      ecu counters 2


      3.- For these changes to take effect it is necessary that the Syrus 4 be updated to the Apex version – 23.28.1 onwards and SyrusJs 1.51.4. onwards.

      Apex versions / SyrusJs Versions

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