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    Pegasus Gateway can be embedded using iframes with the help of tokens.

    Tokens are created via a POST /user/sessions. With this API you can control scopes, groups and which pegasus applications the token has access to.

    The parameters are as follow:
    app – custom name
    schemefinite or infinite whether you wan the token to expire or not
    limit – token expiration time in seconds

    isolated – eliminates the toolbar
    locked – eliminates the ability to hit the back button on tracking
    disable_trips_history – 1 to disable historic information, 0 to have it enabled (shows the last 3 days worth)
    vehicles – vehicle ID to view the information

    list of app_names:

      "syrus mobile",
      "routes monitoring",



      "scheme": "finite",
      "limit": 7776000,
      "app": "Tracking view only (3 months)",
      "scopes": "groups=123&read=remote.state,plugins.photocam,pindrops,groups,vehicles",
      "app_scheme": "locked&isolated&apps=tracking&disable_trips_history=1&vehicles=123"

    The response generates a token that lasts 3 months for vehicle 123 which can be used in an iframe like this:!/app/tracking/:vid/dash!/app/tracking/2600/dash

    Then the iframe can be embedded on any app:
    Custom app with an embedded iframe that uses an API token

    (Notice that there’s no toolbar)

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