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      Michel Castaño

      1. From Syrus Cloud select Commands

      2. Send this command:
      ls ../../app_data/

      It will show us the name of the different Syrusjs instances installed in Syrus4. For this example the present unit answered “syrusjs”

      3.With the answer above create a path to see the exact names of configuration files and send it as well:
      ls ../../app_data/syrusjs

      As seen in answer above, the names of configuration files are:
      configuration.syrus.conf    Main configuration file
      appends.syrus.conf               Over the air commands are stored in this file
      destinations.syrus.conf       Destination points

      4. Click on text box and select “Download”

      5. Copy the entire path created above, including the file name you are interested in download, and click on “send” button:

      6 Download file from blue link:

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