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      Russell Medina

      These instructions are general for anyone who wants to solve the problem that occurs when a device stops marking the Km traveled and the average in Kph of the trips in the travel section, as shown in the following image.


      Also in the calendar you can see that the Mileage always goes to 0



      This problem is known and usually occurs because the ignition cable has been disconnected or has a problem in its connection. And because the programming algorithm relies mostly on ignition, when ignition is not detected, problems like this begin to occur.
      We can identify if the ignition cable has a problem from “raw data” with the “ignition state” label. We can see this in the following image.


      If when checking in raw data that ignition is not being detected even during a trip, we recommend a physical check of the connections because that problem may be due to a bad connection.

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