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      Michel Castaño

      1. Power up the unit wit 12 volts

      2. Download the drivers following this link.

      3. Unzip the driver, and right click on the .inf file. click on “install”

      4. Connect Syrus 4 via USB port. Open a browser and go to http://syrusrouter or to

      Username: syrus4g
      Password: 123456

      5. You will find a User Interface to interact with Syrus 4. In this forum topic we will touch only the part of upgrading but you can play from here with Syrus 4 user manual

      6. Connect to WiFi so you can update all the necessary firmwares. This is strongly recommended to avoid over consume of a Mobile data plan

      7. Go to “System” Tab and check for Apx updates. Update if there’s an available new version:

      8: In the same “System” tab Check if there’s an Interface version to upgrade too:

      9. Finally go to “Application Manager” tab, and upgrade the Syrus JS app which is the app created to report with the intelligence of Syrus


      10. Enter to SyrusJS app and install your configuration for Syrus JS. If you don’t have one yet, please take a look to the standard configuration examples at this link:


      11.  Activate the embedded Simcard so Syrus4 could start to report live once installed in a vehicle. You could select between the embedded simcard and a local external simcard of your choice at the tab “Network”:


      Optional Steps:
      1. Make your Syrus 4 to work as a hotspot: It is possible to share Syrus 4 Internet wit up to 99 Devices. just turn on the hotspot tab and fill the necessary information:

      2. Activate ECUmonitor if needed to read any vehicle protocol

      3. Set the accelerometer to align automatically

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