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      Michel Castaño

      Taurus is not only a tracking app for mobiles inside Pegasus. It can be usedalso as a Driver Id as well as Ibuttons and RFID cards are used!

      The following are steps to create a Taurus Asset, being linked and unlinked from a vehicle.

      Step 1: Create an Enhanced Asset with Taurus Id In Pegasus:

      Step 2: Select a vehicle in Pegasus tracking, print its QR Code and make an sticker for the vehicle.

      Step 3: The Driver must scan the QR Code of the vehicle he/she is going to drive with Taurus App. From that moment This Asset will ve linked with the chosen vehicle.

      Step 4: We need that the Driver is unlinked off the vehicles everytime ignition is off, so we need to create an automation as follows:
      1. Conditions for the Unlinker Trigger:

      2. Actions:

      URL: $pegasus_api/entities/link

      Method: DELETE

      Header: Content-Type: application/json


      "primary_id": {{object.id}}





Viewing 0 reply threads
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