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      Michel Castaño

      Syrus upgrader is a tool to upgrade Syrus 2G and Syrus 3G units via serial port when they are offline, and also recover units stuck in AT mode. Let’s see how it works:

      1. Ask Support Team via or via your premium Slack Channel for an access password to Syrus Upgrader Tool.

      2. Download and Install Syrus upgrader for the Syrus version you need:

      Syrus 2
      Syrus 3

      3. It will download a zip file containing 3 files. Install setup.exe. (Note: If after Install the software Syrus Upgrader does not work, install vcredist_x86.exe file attached to the zip)

      4. Insert user and password assigned on point 1.

      5. Select the model and last version you want to upgrade. The following example is for Syrus Upgrader 3G

      6. Syrus firmware Upgrader comes preconfigured to work in most cases. Let’s see the parts of configuration menu:

      a. Programming Speed: It searches automatically for the correct baud rate in which the modem is working. It let’s you choose between lower, normal and higher speed. Let it in “normal” unless you have a blocked unit and the software is not working in  normal mode.

      b. Activate new ports: Let the Software search for new ports while scans searching for possible Syrus Units

      c. Detect 460800 bauds devices: Check it if you need to try to detect módems in lower baud rate. Recommended if you are using a USB-to -serial converter and not a native Serial port

      d. Format before Upgrade. If it is suspected that the unit is corrupted it could be advised to format before upgrade

      7.After everything is set up, just select the correct com number in the left selector and click on the left check box in front of the selected com. Syrus Firmware Upgrader Software will automatically set everything to re-stablish/upgrade your device to the latest available version.

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