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    Michel Castaño

    To create an offline alert:
    – Go to “Automations” and click on “plus” sign to create a new trigger

    – Add a condition with the “Build a condition” option.


    – Choose the option “Latitude is present” as shown in the image below


    – Condition should be seen as follows:


    – Create a message to be sent in the alert email as follows. The {{}} part will be changed dynamically for the vehicle’s name.

    – Select groups, vehicles and/or assets to be included in this trigger:

    – Select the actions to be done. For this example it will be an email

    – Finally, and most important Set a “Countdown per entity”

    The functioning is as follows:
    Everytime there is a message from a vehicle arriving to Pegasus, which includes latitude (meaning “every event with a position”) it will triggers a counter of X minutes.
    Also, everytime a new event of the same entity arrives to pegasus, the counter described above restarts.
    So, in conclusion, if there are no new events per entity arriving for more than the X minutes set, this alerts will triggers, advicing the entity is online for the time chosen.


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