Basic membership features:

  • Access to Download software utility tools
  • Newsletter and important announcements
  • RMA procedure and request form
  • Pegasus user & admin documentation

12 months - Online Support Library

Online Support Library: USD $240/company. 12 month Expiration!
We reserve the right to deny access to anyone looking for advanced material & documentation showing DCT business models.

  • All of the benefits from the Free membership
  • Access to Syrus Watch – Remote Hardware Diagnostics / Automatic SIM Card IMSI, ID, & Carrier linking with device IMEI
  • Over-the-air secure scripting using Syrus Watch Diagnostic Software Tool. Mail support for this request.
  • Development community Forum
  • Custom API help & configuration
  • Hands on training with our certified applications engineers
  • Video-tutorials and Online training videos
  • Complete diagnostic documentation to recover devices
  • ECU Monitor - Links to vehicle manufacturer documentation
  • Instant updates on firmware releases with complete description detail
  • Technical Support via email for old Antares GPS devices. End of Life (EOL) for Antares GPS devices was on September 2010
  • Advanced documentation and technical support material for DCT University Certification Program
  • Personalized Support Channel 

* Access to the Online Support Library is subject to interested parties with general interests and/or a standard NDA signed with DCT