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All you need to start building

Syrus IoT Development Kit + Pegasus Gateway Enablement Platform


Develop with multiple accessories

Control more things with unlimited interoperability, developing from the edge with multiple accessories.

Access to diagnostic server

Quality control communication server for device health and performance.

Included Multi-carrier global connectivity

Deploy multiple applications to empower your IoT solution with wireless managed connectivity.

Access to online library and documentation

Learn to develop with the Syrus embedded intelligence programming language.

API ready

Backend support for device interaction with REST APIs.

What’s included?

  • Programming board
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • 1 Syrus 3G Bluetooth (P/N: S3GBT-2481A)
  • 2 Bluetooth tags
  • 1 iButton
  • 1 Microphone
  • 1 GPS antenna
  • 1 SIM card (with 5MB monthly for 1 year)

Add any listed accessory and start creating innovative applications for:

  • Driver Identification & Performance
  • Driver safety & fatigue alert monitoring
  • Mobileye Driver Assistance Real TimeTelematics
  • Engine Diagnostics for J1708/J1939
  • Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring
  • Two-way audio verification
  • Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring
  • Fuel Level and Gas Performance
  • Photo capturing for security checks



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