Fleet Metriks ELD-Dongle device

Simple plug & easy way to stay compliant with ELD Mandate from FMCSA. Ruleset US, Canada y Mexico available.

The Fleet Metriks ELD-Dongle device is a small size device and reliable solution for owner-operators and fleet owners. This stand-alone device supports 9-pin J1939 to connects directly to the J1939 port. It is a Bluetooth device that you connect to your vehicle’s ECM, to read engine data and transmit to the ELD application via Bluetooth. This unit is a “Bring you own device” (BYOD) type-product support both Android and iOS platform to make pairing a breeze.

The tablet/smartphone used by the customer must make pairing to the ELD-Plug which will provide the information to the application needs to properly the data required of the ELD specification.

Fleet Metriks ECM-Link device can be transferred between any driver or vehicle in your fleet with a 9-pin. Support J1939 (since 2005 model). The older model with a 6-pin connector will need an adapter J1708 to J1939 to use this device.

HOS compliance, IFTA & DVIR Reporting and Legal and Product Support

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Key Features:

Fleet Metriks HOS apps (Support both iOS and Android devices)

  • HOS – FMCSA compliance:
    • Make edit/add logs for corrections, when drivers make a mistake with their logs, you’re able to correct it.
    • Flexible auto-switch driver status. Auto-switch to driving status when moving over 5mph and/or 1 mile traveled.
    • Keep your driver informed and compliant with our real-time violation warning on the main screen.
    • Logistics information: You can create shipment as appear in shipment documents.
    • Rulesets are more flexible. To allow each driver can change the ruleset as they are needed.
  • Electronic DVIR compliance:
    • Paperless driver vehicle inspection apps, to create daily inspection reports, filling out an easy form on truck and trailer separately.
    • An E-signature report is needed by the driver as the mechanic/carrier.
    • Picture of damages, you could take a photo for each damage found.
    • Electronic Logging Device to upload reports to a web portal
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Shipment Syncro feature. All shipments synchronized through automated email notifications of any last time update. All involved in this such as dispatchers, receivers, shippers, owners, and drivers now keep posted as never done before.
  • Mobile apps
  • Carrier Web portal
  • No installation is required


Processing Fee $7.50
Total Payable Amount $157.50