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Testing the Forward

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Forward Test

To the test the Forward you can use any popular HTTP Request client – for example, on Chrome we will use POSTman

Once you run POSTman, we have to build the Pegasus data we will be sending to your listener.


To start with POSTman, we select that this request is type: POST

In the URL you will put the URL to your listener: http://www.avl.com/path/to/your/listener.py

For the headers you will need to add:

Content-Type: application/json


Select RAW for the Body

In the text box that appears, you will need to paste the string that is found in the following document:


Press Send to test the forward, if you get an empty array, check your Database to make sure all the fields were inserted correctly.






cURL Test

Use the following cURL command to test the Forward – simply replace the URL with the URL for your listener.

curl -v http://www.myjsonlistener.com/path/to/listener.php -X POST -d '[{"code": 0, "ecu_idle_fuel_flag": "T", "vinfo": {"name": "3380/Mack", "color": null, "make": null, "year": "2014", "vin": null, "license_plate": "986619", "time": 1420639421.8319061, "model": null, "id": 12}, "vh_hours": 700, "ecu_total_fuel_flag": "T", "event_time": "2015-01-07T09:03:38-05:00", "ecu_trans_psi_flag": "T", "ecu_torque_flag": "U", "source": 3, "ecu_eng_oil_lvl_flag": "U", "ecu_intake_manif_tmp_flag": "T", "ecu_eng_oil_psi_flag": "T", "mph": 7, "ecu_fuel_iconsumption_flag": "T", "vh_mins": 5, "system_time": "2015-01-07T09:03:40.796270-05:00", "ecu_hours": 2047190, "ecu_throttle": 19, "cf_cid": 40243, "cf_lac": 17565, "ecu_trans_tmp_flag": "T", "ecu_rpm": 558, "port": 33793, "ecu_trip_distance": 618107187, "ecu_trans_psi": 6, "ecu_eng_oil_psi": 4, "cv10": 539, "cv11": 0, "cv12": 993, "cv13": 0, "ecu_cool_lvl_flag": "U", "vdop": 127, "ecu_brake_pedal_flag": "U", "bl": 4405, "ecu_cool_tmp_flag": "U", "valid_position": true, "ecu_error_flag": "T", "ecu_hydr_oil_lvl_flag": "U", "ecu_distance": 618148386, "ecu_throttle_flag": "T", "io_in1": false, "io_in2": false, "io_in3": false, "ecu_rpm_flag": "T", "vid": 12, "lon": -8177195, "ecu_distance_flag": "T", "ecu_trans_tmp": 322, "lat": 823465, "ecu_hydr_oil_tmp_flag": "U", "ecu_error1": 84, "ecu_error2": 5, "ecu_error3": 0, "ecu_error4": 0, "ecu_error5": 1, "ecu_error6": 0, "ecu_error7": 84, "ecu_battery_flag": "T", "ecu_cool_psi_flag": "U", "ip": "", "ecu_idle_fuel": 10094060799, "head": 349, "hdop": 75, "pid": 106, "ecu_tires_tmp_flag": "U", "ecu_with_mil_distance_flag": "U", "ecu_weights_flag": "U", "cf_rssi": "31", "ecu_fuel_level_flag": "U", "ecu_fuel_level_real": 1200, "io_out1": false, "io_out2": false, "event_type": 10, "ecu_fan_state_flag": "U", "io_pwr": true, "ac": 0, "ecu_oxygen_flag": "U", "al": 24, "vo": 15397688, "ecu_trans_lvl_flag": "U", "id": 4410414, "ecu_hours_idle_flag": "U", "io_ign": true, "ecu_intake_manif_tmp": -17, "ecu_battery": 13900, "ecu_fuel_iconsumption": 13300, "ecu_hydr_oil_psi_flag": "U", "sv": 10, "ecu_ins_efficiency_flag": "U", "ecu_hours_flag": "T", "device_id": 356612026187742, "age": 2, "ecu_trip_distance_flag": "T", "pdop": 148, "ecu_total_fuel": 4046647, "ecu_fuel_level_real_flag": "T"}]' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "User-Agent: Python-urllib/2.6"


Contact support if you have any questions.